Do you live in rural Manitoba or cottage country and need a fast, effective and affordable piling solution for your front porch?  Postech Winnipeg will travel to your site and provide you with laser leveled piles in a perfectly straight line which will make it quick and easy for your to build that showcase porch.

How do we ensure the piles are directly under the overhanging roof’s support beams?  We use a laser plumb-bob of course!  We always want to be double sure that our screw piles are installed exactly where you need them.

The pictures you see in the post are of a beautiful log home in the Marchand/La Broquerie area of Manitoba.  The sand soil is ideal for our system and each of the piles you see achieved more than 16,900 lbs of capacity!

For a free, no-obligation quote, please contact Stan at Postech Winnipeg at 793-0653 or toll-free 1-855-274-5464 (4-PILING).  Click here to learn more about Winnipeg’s best screw pile system.