VersaPile’s Certified Friendly Installers have been on their fair share of “interesting” job sites but it was uniquely cool to drive through the front doors of a local hotel and navigate our way into the laundry room.



Our customer was tasked with eliminating undesired vibrations passed through the floors and walls of the hotel by the commercial laundry machines.  The floor was built solid to support the weight of the machines but was not effective in isolating the shaking which occurred for several minutes when the machines would reach certain cycles.  Hotels tend to do a lot of laundry so this was problematic.

A 3 foot crawlspace existed below the floor and several plumbing pipes ran across the space.  It was also important that down-time of the machines be minimized as they served a vital role in the operations of the establishment.


With the floor cut open per the footprint of the machines another challenge became apparent – there would be only a 7 inch gap to work with and the piles needed to be very close to one wall.

The crew exercised a considerable amount of caution bringing the excavator through the lobby, down and hall and around a challenging corner and into the laundry room.

Once inside, venting was added to the excavator and ran outside a window to ensure no exhaust fumes in the room.  This was surprisingly effective with not even a hint of diesel exhaust smell in the air.

Each helical pile was brought in a split pile design to allow us to maneuver the piles in the restrictive crawl space.  The piles were stood through the 7 inch gap and extensions were secured with galvanized structural bolts.  As the piles were turned into the ground, the walls were protected with plywood and a finishing extension was added to turn the piles down to desired height.



With all 6 piles down and located perfectly in place or within a fraction of a inch, the welder finished up by securing heavy duty plates to support the machines as well as bracing in the crawlspace to ensure any lateral forces were isolated.  Because screw piles, unlike concrete piles, require zero curing, the machines could be loaded onto and secured to the piles immediately.


With the machines now supported independently from the rest of the structure, they no longer vibrate or shake the floors and total comfort has been achieved.  The customer was thrilled to have found a solution that was not only cost effective in terms of the piling invoice received but that also greatly reduced downtime which further compounded savings.

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