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Installs faster than most traditional foundations


No complicated site prep

No Mess

Special equipment leaves no damage to landscaping

Screw Piles Foundations for New Homes

It’s a common myth that screw piles can only be used under light structures, like decks or cottages. Truth is, a Postech Screw Pile can support up to 70,000lbs! A Postech Screw Pile foundation is a great choice for a new home build. Not only do screw piles resist frost heave, they can be installed faster and are ready to use sooner than other foundations. Start your dream home right, with a Postech Screw Pile foundation.

Getting a Postech foundation for your new home build is easy. First, contact us and tell us about your project. Our foundation experts will work with you to find the right foundation solution. After that, you schedule an install date. Our professional crews will show up on-time, mark where the screw piles need to go, and install them. You’ll be left with perfectly-level piles that are ready to use!

“BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!! Best customer service I have ever received! …if there ever was a problem Stan would come fix it the very next day or the same day! Would 100% recommend this company to anyone whose looking to do piling for houses – he did over 40 piles for me and they were perfect!”

Balkar Singh, Rosser, MB

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