Often we are told by customers that they know where their lines are located and a Call Before You Dig (now called a Click Before You Dig) is not required. Fortunately, most customers are understanding when we insist that we still conduct a Click Before You Dig prior to installing the screw piles. Sadly, every year we hear about businesses who are willing to drill without first locating gas or electrical lines. What customers don’t know is that working with a company that is willing to work before getting a Click Before You Dig permit is putting everyone at risk.

What’s the Big Deal About Click Before You Dig?

If you went out into your yard right now, could you tell exactly where your utility lines are? Right down to the inch? Would be you confident enough to just ‘guess’ at where the lines are?

Some people are, and that’s not a good thing.

No one can know with exact certainty where their utility lines are located. If the guess is wrong, it could lead to someone being electrocuted, or even a gas line being punctured. Don’t think it’s a risk? Just a few years ago, two homes were leveled and several people injured in Virden, MB when a gas line was punctured.

The risk is real, so I’m going to be blunt here:

Only give business to a screw pile company that insists on a Click Before You Dig.

If you are talking with a company who is willing to drill blind, you should consider the following:

  • What other corners are they willing to cut?
  • Why don’t they care enough about their employees, customers and community to ensure their work is safe and won’t put them at potential risk?
  • Why are they willing to risk their company’s future for one job?
  • An insurance claim may be denied in a case of gross negligence or wilful disregard (such as not getting a Click Before You Dig).

Fortunately, a Click Before You Dig is easy to obtain in Winnipeg or rural Manitoba. It can be done online at www.clickbeforeyoudigmb.com or over the phone by calling the number on that website.

If you want to make the process even easier, just hire us to install a screw pile foundation for your project. We’ll take care of the Click Before You Dig permit for you. Typically there is a 3 to 10 day wait for the Hydro lines to be located, and the work needs to be performed within 2 weeks of the locates having been completed. Some rural and cottage country areas do not have buried lines and in such cases a written confirmation can be secured quickly and easily within a day or two.

Something important to note is that private utilities such as an electrical line from the house to detached garage, aren’t included in a Click Before You Dig.  Also, any water lines which could be at play would need to be located privately as well.

Getting your hands on a Click Before You Dig permit is easy, and it’s indispensable peace of mind when excavation or drilling is taking place. Don’t put yourself, your family, and your home at risk. If a company is willing to drill or dig before getting a permit, just say no!